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Why you should upgrade from an Invisible Fence® to a DogWatch® hidden fence

Did you know that you can trade in your existing Invisible Fence® or other professionally installed underground dog fence for a DogWatch® Hidden Fence and save money? It’s an easy and cost-effective way to ensure your pet will stay safe with the best, most advanced pet containment system available. Learn more about DogWatch Hidden Fence of Cleveland’s upgrade program below.

Why Choose DogWatch?

With DogWatch Hidden Fences, you get:

  • The safety and security of an FM system

  • More safety features than other brands

  • Receiver batteries that last up to two (2) years* – Compare the savings

  • A system that you can adjust without calling a service technician

  • Lifetime Equipment Warranty included (even for dog chews!)

  • Full lightning and surge protection – the best there is at no extra charge

  • Support from our professional, knowledgeable team, with 20 years of experience in pet containment

  • The best customer care in the business

With DogWatch, you can also upgrade to a SmartFence® – the most advanced pet containment system on the market. The SmartFence keeps you connected to your dog and your system in a whole new way, and it’s only available from DogWatch!

How Our Trade-In Program Works

If you are ready to switch, we make it easy for you. In most situations, we can use your existing buried wire so the installation is quick and easy. We just swap out the equipment (both the transmitter and the receiver collar) and adjust the settings so they are appropriate for your pet(s). We will determine if your pet needs any refresher training and we’ll provide that, too, if needed. And because we appreciate your business, we’ll even discount the cost of the equipment!

Our Competitive Trade-In Program is available for Invisible Fence® Brand and most other professionally installed systems. (Note: this program does not apply to self-installed pet containment systems.)

Contact us today to get started!


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