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Can A Hidden Fence Work For A Hunting Dog?

Pointers and Setters, Spaniels and Whippets, hunting dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and breeds. Different breeds of hunting dogs share one similarity: they’re bred to hunt alongside humans. Dogs have been hunting with humans for thousands of years, and there’s evidence that this relationship reaches back to prehistoric times.

Hunting dogs are athletic, loyal, intelligent, eager to please, and typically have tremendous stamina. These attributes often prove invaluable during a hunt. Breeds that fall into this category also possess a strong predatory drive. When their prey drive is triggered, these dogs can find themselves in hazardous situations. When chasing prey your dog could end up in the middle of a busy street, on someone else’s property, in hunting territory, or even lost.

A Hidden Fence from DogWatch® is a great way to ensure that your hunting dog stays safely on your property.

Vizsla’s are primarily used as bird hunting dogs are high-energy, affectionate, and gentle. Being hunting dogs, they have a strong prey drive which often leads to high-speed pursuits of small animals or investigating their property.

Robert’s Vizsla, Harley, started to venture off on his family’s five-acre property. “We live remotely, and our pasture fencing is the standard four-rail wood-type used for horse/cattle, with square wire fencing on one end of the property line.” Closing in the farm with traditional fencing would have cost a small fortune, and Robert decided outright that a small kennel could not be an option for his Pup.

“In October 2021, I spent endless hours researching every brand of electronic broadcast and underground wire dog fencing. I finally determined Puget Sound DogWatch was the in-ground hidden fence system I wanted to get an estimate from.”

Robert next called Puget sound owner David Van Kirk and subsequently had every question he had answered in detail.

“Within days, DogWatch sent their representative, (Cleveland), to our place. Cleveland elaborated even more about the system as we walked our property line to determine all that was needed for the in-ground wire routing.”

Robert decided that the ProFence was the right product for him, and his local DogWatch team made the process easy. “Cleveland provided his estimate and the next day we received our quote. Our decision was made!” Two weeks later David and Cleveland arrived on Robert’s property, installed the ProFence, and provided hands-on training for Harley.

“We were instructed to be inside, (out of sight) when this training was done. My wife, neighbor and I, later joined this professional two-man team for additional boundary training with Harley. David even provided hands-on instructions for me on how to adjust the system and collar if warranted. As the DogWatch vehicle departed we knew we had chosen the right product with professional support.”

That’s when the real test began. That evening, Robert took a sunset training walk with Harley.

“Harley saw two deer jump the fence into our driveway. Harley took off after the deer, pulling me the whole way. The deer ran to the edge of our property, and took off into the woods Harley stopped short of boundary markers and just watched them go on their way!”

Robert was pleasantly surprised how fell the fence worked on day one. He decided to plan an even more challenging test for Harley.

“We asked our neighbor to walk over with his lab, (Harley’s great bird training and play friend), to our driveway and stay on the other side of the boundary.”

Harley and her friend stayed inside the boundary where the marker flags had been planted.

“Later when the dogs played on our property, they both shot across the gravel boundary two times. I called David and asked for his advice.”

As with all DogWatch Dealers, David was available and helpful, he provided Robert with an easy fix.

Harley’s hidden fence has kept her safe ever since that day. She “stops short of any boundary line when playing with other dogs or chasing birds, rabbits, and deer. Within 2 weeks I removed half of the visible marker flags. Harley has learned his boundaries 100% and “will not cross them.”

The DogWatch system Robert had installed has been nothing but successful in containing Harley’s high prey drive. “I can honestly say this is a great investment! Thanks to David and Cleveland, who are, to say the least, “top-notch”, we know that our puppy is safe within our property.”

Are you interested in a Hidden Fence for your hunting dog, or do you have questions you’d like answered? Click here to fetch your local DogWatch Dealer!


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