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Cat Fences

Indoor containment, designed for cats

Finally, an Indoor Boundary system designed just for cats. The CAT200 Transmitter and CR7 Receiver work in concert to keep your cats safe and out of trouble – and out of the places cats should not be. As an added bonus, the CR7 Receiver also works seamlessly with our outdoor systems, like the ProFence. Protect your furniture, your plants, and your sanity with an indoor cat fence from DogWatch.


Some places just aren’t for cats.

Our indoor fences can be customized to keep your cats inside the areas you want them, and away from areas you don’t, such as furniture, dining rooms, kitchen counters, trash cans or any other "off limits" areas. Click below to view sample configurations.


Customized Solutions


Dining Area


Outside Door

Specific Area

How do I buy an Indoor Cat Fence?

Our indoor cat fences can be purchased online or requested by contacting our office for either a pick up, or we can ship too.


Freedom and

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