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SmartFence Receiver Collar

SmartFence Receiver Collar


The SmartCollar includes the same features as the R9 Receiver plus allows you to remotely monitor your pet’s activity and collar settings and receive Low Battery and Lost Communication alerts. The SmartCollar communication features work only with SmartFence systems. The SmartCollar has a battery life of 1 year.


Available Sizes:

⅝” Collar Strap – Mini (6″-9″), XS (8″-11″), S (10″-13″)
¾” Collar Strap – Mini (6″-9″), XS (8”-11”), S (10”-13”), M (12”-16”), L (14”-21”), XL (19″-29″)
1″ Collar Strap – M (12”-16”), L (14”-21”), XL (19″-29″)

Collar Strap Color
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