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Outdoor Hidden Fences

Simply the best, no getting around it.™

DogWatch® Hidden Fences keep your pets safe and are safe for your pets. Our systems are less expensive and more reliable than traditional fences and have safety and convenience features not found in typical dog fences. Explore our products and see why DogWatch is simply a better choice – there's just no getting around it.

Don’t have dog? No problem – we have hidden fences for cats, too! Our pet containment systems have also been used successfully with pigs, goats, horses and more!



A revolution in pet containment, the new SmartFence® by DogWatch® keeps you connected to your dog and your system in a whole new way. The next generation of hidden fences – much more than just another dog fence!

Learn More About SmartFence®

ohf-prod-profence-2-1x (1).jpeg


The ProFence sets the standard for reliable, owner-friendly pet containment. Our exclusive SafeLink® FM technology and industry-leading safety features provide freedom, safety and peace of mind you won’t find in other underground dog fences.

Learn More About the ProFence™

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The 1200Fence has all the safety, reliability and quality of our full-featured ProFence – but with fewer setting options. Get all the technology and performance you’ve come to expect from DogWatch in a more economical package.

Learn More About the 1200Fence™

How do I buy DogWatch® Outdoor Hidden Fences?

To purchase any DogWatch® Outdoor Hidden Fences, please click the button below to contact our team or visit our retail store.

Custom boundaries – specific to your pet.

We tailor our system to your needs. Our fences are customized to fit your yard and to keep your pet safely inside the areas where you want them and out of the areas that are “off-limits”, such as gardens, pool and play areas. Click below for sample configurations.


Customized Solutions

How it works

Full Yard

Back Yard

Front and Back Yards

Pool and Play Areas



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